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10 tips for aspiring car designers

1- Today`s design industrybeautiful car design

Maybe the history of design is traditionally centered on Europe and United States, today`s students or designers need to be internationally open, and there will be no borders. this is an important thing to know, because that way you will be involved in international design atmosphere. maybe from now on competition will open worldwide not just among 3 or 4 schools in America or Europe.

In emerging countries such as India, you can find competences. about twenty years ago the first European design school were just opening to provide a transportation design specific education, at this time were competing with long established schools in United States and Japan. today there are a lot of new design schools like in China for example. today design school in China have managed to achieve a remarkable results in a short period of time.

2- Open your mind

car design

car design

The basis of creativity relies on designer`s personality, however this was enough in the past, it`s surely not enough today, because today`s designers or young creatives should know that they can`t work alone, instead they should involve in a team work.

In the professional world it may take four to five years to the young creatives to be in a team, in this period they are requested to interact with different mindsets and competencies.

it is highly recommended to have the right balance between having a creative mind which relies on strong personality and charismatic attitude, and being open minded towards diversity of mindsets.

it is also recommended to be able to integrate in a team a lot faster than long time ago, in order to get a job in car design industry.

today`s young designers can`t focus only on sketching and their ability which are still fundamental skills, they have to be able to be manager of themselves in order to manage their projects. in order to stand out in this competitive field, you must open your mind to everything during all your career.

3- Teamworkteamwork

it is so important to know that automotive design is teamwork, being proud of your personality and your own ideas is necessary, but the car is so complicated that it will never be only your own success.

4- Time management15804822-business-time-management-concept-with-clock

it is so important to know as a student or as future designer is to be able to respect deadlines, if you had a chance to learn designing in design school, maybe you were not much concerned about time, but in the real world career and you have time constraint or deadline, it`s completely different.

often the most talented designers are the ones who face the most difficulties but you can reverse this difficulty into your advantage, by making the time your best friend, when use it in a constructive way, so it can help you to find the best solutions, provided that you consider the constraints and tools you have. if you need to succeed you should make a proper analysis and then the ideas will come in, after that you must choose carefully one clear idea and go for it. and don`t spend too much time trying to figure out the perfect idea.

5- Selling and presenting projects presenting car design project

The problem with young designers that many of them underestimate the importance of selling their work whether to a teacher or potential customer, although the most important aspect of modern design project is to present a new concept or idea when trying to sell your project. because a new product will not produce emotional interaction spontaneously, it will need you to make people interact with product emotionally. and this is a very important aspect of a designer`s job.

6- Making design decisions
7- Hand modeling
8- Be honest with your customers
9- Be curious
10- Train your creativity

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