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According to the psychologist Holly James ” we are drawn to a certain color because we want that attribute in our life “. while being attracted to a certain color lie in our conscious, research about consumer behavior reveal that buyers are surely attracted to products whose colors in some way reflect their interests and values. this applies to car industry as well. about 77 percent of car shoppers claim that car color is one of the most important factors in determining whether or not they will buy the car. the other 33 percent claim that they are willing to pay more just to find the car color they prefer. car dealer must be careful because a staggering 39 percent claim that they could walk off a lot of cars that don`t have the right colors.

For about 10 years specifically from 2001 to 2010, silver was the most popular car color. as a practical business color it was successful. however, in 2011 the white color moved to the first place in United States. white was seen by many as a clear and non-threatening look. 50 percent of all the cars that were sold in United States last year were painted some shade of white.

Black is the third color in the top three color choices. buyers identify it as a powerful, elegance, attractive and sometimes mysterious car color. they sometimes see the shiny black car as a bold car color. in 2011 black was the dominant color in Europe. silver held the number one in Asia.